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Makhdoom e Rudauli

The Official Website of Silsila e Chishtiya Sabriya


Hadhrat Makhdoom Shaikh-ul-Aalam Shaikh Ahmad Abdul-Haque Farooqui Chishti Sabri Sahib-e-Tosha Rudaulwi Quddisa sirrohu d. 838 (a.h.), founded, the first ever islmaic spiritual monastry (khanqah) of Silsila-e-Sabriya Chishtiya about six and half hundreds years ago, in his native place rudauli sharif, whose main objective was to guide and serve the whole humanity and to move them towards Allah.

After his demise, his successors, in terms of time and circumstances took forward their primary objective until the present time, therefore, 597 years after his demise (wisal) the monastery (khanqah) founded by him has given bigger impact in most parts of the world and successfully flagged for their academic and spiritual success.

At present, the successor of Huzoor Shaikh-ul-Aalam and the Masnad-Nasheen of the monastery (khanqah), Honorable Nayyar-e-Millat Hadhrat Shah Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi (Nayyar Miyan) Faooqui Chishti Sabri Qibla Sahib is working very diligently toward the goals of the monastery and to spread the teachings of Huzoor Shaikh-ul-Aalam in different modernise ways all around the world.Hadhrat Nayyar-e-Millat Sahib Qibla lives permanently in his native place Rudauli Sharif and is busy in serving Deen & Millat through the following departments of the monastery:

1. Jamia Chishtiya: Teaches upto Daura-e-Hadith and Hifz & Qirat.

2. Sabri Dar-ul-Ifta: Provides legitimate solutions of Islamic matters.

3. Department of Publication: Publishes ancient unpublished books of Ulama-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat,and tries to bring to the public, the elderly life and their service of Islam.

4. Chishtiya Higher Secondary School: Where a large number of children from Muslim Familiesget educated.

5. Chishtiya Primary School: Gives poor Muslim families, special attention to educate their children.

Currently in all sectors discussed above, a strong team of 38 people is working very systematically. The website is also a strong link of the monastery in the same series and the contents of this website have been certified by Hadhrat Shah Ammar Ahmad Ahmadi (Nayyar Miyan) Sahib Qibla present Sajjadah-Nasheen of Khanqah Huzoor Shaikh-ul-Aalam Rudauli Sharif and Shah Mansoor Ejaz Quddoosi Nomani Present Sajjadah Nasheen of Khanqah Huzoor Sabir-e-Paak Kaliyar Sharif and it’s all rights reserved. To verify the authenticity of this official website of Silsila-e-Chishtiya Sabirya,visit the homepage of this site and read out two certificates from two intellectual Islamic personalities.

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