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Plight of Muslim Girls

Genesis of Chishtiya Girls College

Until very recently. The future of a Muslim girl child, most notably in rural areas, began and ended in the kitchen. For multiple reasons, parents wanted to teach only their male child. If at all, they could afford. Giving little or no importance to educating their daughters. Fortunately today, the trend as changing. People want to educate their daughters. But, for poor families educating a girl child is still a distant dream. We have either no schools or schools with no quality teachers or the ubiquitous dragons of expensive schools. Thanks to burgeoning profit making education mafia. These days even rich families are opposed by the high cost of education. There is hardly any school in India that provides affordable. Quality education with Islamic ambience focused for poor Muslims Chishtiya Girls’s Inter College has been founded with the sole aim of providing qualitative modern education with Islamic ambience to backward Muslims. Wherein fundamental tenets of Islam shall be taught. Making students intellectually bright with broader pure outlook. Teaching true spirit of Islam is pivotal to modern education to live a prosperous life in today’s materialistic cosmopolitan society.

Teach mothers to uplift poor Muslims

It goes without saying that high level of literacy produces responsible citizens. It is an insurance against crimes; it makes the civel society more secure and prosperous. Only educated societies can produce efficient governments and only strong governments can help build a strong nation. This is more demanding of India where people with divergent cultures and languages live together, taking pride in “unity-in-diversity”. Towards achieving this goal, it is felt that educating a girl child would earn faster and larger social returns – for, “if we teach a by we only teach an individual, but if we teach a girl we teach a whole family”. The prosperity and growth rate of the nation thus largely hinges on the growth rate of women’s education. The economic backwardness of Muslims cannot be removed without educating the girls. The mother’s lap is the very first school of a child. Nothing multiplies faster than the knowledge. Efforts required to educate the first generation is very demanding. The succeeding generation will be taken care of automatically. Compassionate brothers need to come together and take part in this benevolent effort.

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