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Makhdoom e Rudauli

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Jamia Chishtiya in the light of past and present

Faizabad is the famous district of the region of Uttar Pradesh, it’s town, Rudauli, has the majesty that a renowned personality of Silsila-e-Aaliya Chishtiya Sabiryya is resting on its territory, who is the regenerator (mujaddid) of Silsila-e-Sabiriyyah, even the people of other sects also bent their neck on his Mujaddidiyat. The Monastery Rudauli Sharif has been the hub of devotion and center for the major Sufi Saints and Scholars. The end of Mughal rule and establishment of British imperialism divided the Ahl-e-Sunnah Wal Jama’h into batches, thus, serious problems occurred in the Muslim society. Above all, the biggest atrocity happens that embers of this incident made the bases of the Ahl-e-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah weak through Islamic issues and the fingers started rising up onto the righteous creed which was prevalent in monasteries. Thus, the renowned monastery of Rudauli Sharif also got affected and a great loss occurred in the Ahl-e-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. In the consideration of these reasons, the grandfather of the sympathizer of Ahl-e-Sunnah Huzoor Nayyar-e-Millat (present Sajjadah Nasheen of Khanqah Rudauli Sharif) Huzoor Sah Aafaq Ahmad Ahmadi (Alaihir Rahma), founded the Dar-ul-Uloom Makhdoomiya and headed the institution himself. It is about that time when there was no reliable institute of Ahl-e-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. After him, his grandchild Huzoor Nayyar-e-Millat supervised for a period and fosterd the organization with his hard work to revive the Sunniyat & Islamic teachings and also contributed his efforts to protect the Islamic Law.
But, some radical scholar hindered in the solely development of the righteous Maslak. Then he withdrew himself from that organization. Since, the wave of Islamic awakening, created an intense sensation that on the basis of requirements of a movement, a comprehensive, appropriate, vibrant and effective education system should be configured, which bring out in the term of its characteristics, the ability of dexterous in Islamic Knowledge on one hand and on the other hand, it makes them proficient in contemporary studies. Thus, on the basis of same sense, he founded Jamia Chishtiya at Khanqah Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Aalam, in 1999 AE and under his own supervision, established an effective, comprehensive and integrated curriculum. In which, including Islamiyat, Arabic and Adab, he added some major contemporary subjects with a certain balance. As well as for teaching of Shariah, a comparative approach been followed, so that may end of bias maslak and students may know to the soul of Islam. With the persistent effort and continues struggle of Huzoor Nayyar-e-Millat, the institute turned into the Jamia and near about fifteen hundred (1500) students are being adorned with the jewels of education, where, the responsibility of lodging and meals of more than two hundred students from other states has been managing by the institute.

Therefore, the institute is treading on the path of its development in very organized way as a Jamia. Departments belong to Islamiyat, respectively Sho’ba-e-Hifz according Tajweed & Hadr, Sho’ba-e-Qirat according Hadhrat Imam Hafs (RH), Dars-e-Nizamiya from the class A’dadiya to Fazeelat, Alim course chosen by Madaris-e-Islamiya, Sho’ba-e-Tasneef-o-Taleef, establishment of Nizami (Dar-ul-Mutala) Library for the Islamic information for public and students and to acquainted with the Masa’il-e-Shar’iyah to the public a Dar-ul-Ifta formed in 2009 AE.

To create educational awareness among the people of Rudauli and around Rudauli, Sho’ba-e-Primary, from first to fifth, with the subjects, Urdu, Hindi, English, Diniyat, Islami Science and Geography etc. similarly, with Government approved courses Islamic History is also Incuded in Chishtiya Higher Secondary School. The numbers of employees in Jamia, Primary and Higher Secondary School, are thirty-eight (38).

Jamia Chishtiya’s next project is to establish Chishtiya Girls College. Considering the worsening of the society and lack of educational environment, the concern of adornment of the girls of the nation with the jewels of religious and contemporary knowledge, posed to Hadhrat Shah Nayyar Miyan Sahib Qibla. For the compliance of the same concern, he has founded the basis of a wide land of four acres at the site of Mohalla Poore Miyan, by his blessed hands and it’s construction is in progress, which estimated cost is Rs. three and a half crore ( Rs.).

All these are the result of the blessings of Huzoor Makhdoom-ul-Millat-o-Deen and the hard work and effort of Huzoor Nayyar-e-Millat-o-Deen. We pray in the court of the Almighty Allah that O! Our Lord keep this institute safe and secure from the envy of destructive peoples and bless our Master Huzoor Nayyar Miyan Sahib Qibla with the life of Hadhrat Khidhr and keep maintain his shade on us and spread his blessings all around the world.

Amin Bijahi Sayyed-ul-Ambiya

Wal Mursaleen, Sallallahu Ta’la Alaihi,

Wa Aalehi, Wa Ashabehi, Ajma’een.

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