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A most sincere request

Religious and educational services of Khanqah Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Aalam (RH) have no need of any kind of introduction and the work tenure of the institute Jamia Chishtiya conducted by the Monastery, has self-evident. Here, we want to draw your attention towards one of the major project of the same series of the monastery. That, to promote girl’s education in Muslims, two years ago from today, the formation of Chishtiya Girls College was announced. Then, a vast land of 4 acres was purchased with the collaboration of some loyal disciples and followers and its basis was formed. But, due to lack of capital and recourses, this work is still limited to it’s base. Here, the implied is gaining much magnitude and we have nothing to do, while, according to an estimate, currently a large amount of three and a half crore is required to uplift this project.

Now the biggest question is that how will such a huge fund be available. Thus, after the day night consideration and consultation & feedback of friends & associates, this fact has been agreed that to further the construction of Chishtiya Girls Inter College, a campaign of membership should run across the country with following conditions:

1. The amount of membership will consist of 11000 Rs. and must be paid each year.

2. Possibly, the scheme of membership will continue for the next four to five years.

3. The amount of membership will be compulsory to pay each year before the Urs of Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Aalam RH. The amount of one year will be paid in one installment, however, installment of several years can be paid at once.

4. Membership fee will be further from the scheduled contribution of Ramadhan Sharif. which means that if any person gives some of his donations as Zakat & Sadaqat to Jamia Chishtiya in holy Ramadhan, so those donation will not be treated as membership in any means. Other ways of contribution: -

1. You may accept the responsibility of the construction of a hall as individual or with your friends or others.

2. Besides membership, please contribute in the project as per your capability and also draw the attention of your friends & relatives towards this.

3. You may help with bricks, cements, iron, etc.

Request: - We insist our well-wishers that to uplift the precious mission of Khanqah Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Aalam RH, accept our request. Surely, it will be Sadqa-e-Jariya and a source of repose to your departed ones. Insha-Allah Ta’la.

How to send the membership fee: -

1. You may deposit in the office of Jamia at the glorious monastery, by self.

2. Pay to our certified representatives by hand.

3. Send us by core banking on following account number:


A/C NO - 27550100015088



Note:- The people, who accept the Membership, Insha-Allah Ta’la will be awarded with the honorary degree by the blessed hands of Hadhrat Sahib-e-Sajjadah, at the glorious occasion of Urs-e-Shaikh-ul-Aalam RH.

Supplicants: -

Members of Chishtiya Educational Society, Registered Khanqah Hadhrat Shaikh-ul-Aalam RH. Rudauli Sharif, District Faiabad, U.P. Pin Code: - 22412.

Contact Chief Patron: -

E-mail: -

Mobile: - 09935329901, Office: - 05241-235110

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